TCS™ Monkfruit Erythritol Blend
TCS™ Monkfruit Erythritol Blend
TCS™ Monkfruit Erythritol Blend

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Monkfruit Erythritol Blend
1-4 times as sugar
30-60 Mesh
Conventional and Organic

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TCS™ ME (Monkfruit Erythritol Blend,Monkfruit Sweetner)

Two 100% natural sweet ingredients
Monkfruit Extract 
is rich in mogroside and sweetness is 300 times as sugar, homology of medicine and food,no calories.It also has effects on hypoglycemic and is helpful in treatment of diabetes,hyperlipidemia.The monkfruit widely grows in Southern China.
- is a kind of natural sugar alcohol which is fermented by non-gmo corn,it only has 70% sweetness as sugar,no calories,cool and pure taste,no bitterness.
Different sweetness as sugar
Tailored sweetness as customers's formulations,normally it is 1-4 time(s) as sugar.
White or Golden Powder as sugar replacement or brown sugar replacement