Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Max E-Sight™ Lutein

Item specifics

Active ingredient
Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Botanical Source
Tagetes erecta L.
Used Part
Extract Solvent
Ethanol and Water
Sterilization Method
Free powder,oil suspesion,beadlet,microcapsules



Max E-Sight™ Lutein
Lutein from Marigold Flower
One of the carotenoids (a natural fat-soluble pigment extract from marigold flower).The lutein in free form named as Lutein Free (Lutein F).Our body can not synthesize the lutein,so we need intake from food or dietary supplement.


Lutein is a nutrient pigment in eye macula and lens.Lutein will work together with zeaxanthin(other one carotenoids found in marigold flower) to filter the blue light which generates free radicals causing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration(AMD).
Existence of Lutein in nature
Human body inside can not synthesize the lutein,so we need intake from dietary supplement,food like eggs,vegetables like corn,spinach,yellow pepper and plant like marigold flower.
From marigold flower to ingredient
Self-own planting base

The non-gmo marigold flower as raw material will directly decide the quality,
Our strict control on planting base to ensure the absence of comtanination and stable supply for production. 

Our 2 planting bases in the northern China and northestern China is full of sunligh,rich soil,pure water, fresh air, these good agricultural ecological environments 
which gets marigold flower grow in conditions of health and nature.

Only one harvest of marigold flower each year on July and Aug to follow the rules of growth for plants in nature. 
Processing Flower,transportation and storage

Marigold flowers (after fermentation, drying, crushing and granulation) will be packed well.Meanwhile,
Put the label with name,place of origin,harvest time to increase credibility and be traceable.
Packaging materials of processed flower granules are needed to be safe,sturdy,neat.

During transportation the package will prevent from contamination,also protect from sunlight and rain.
The storeroom is ventilated,dry,away from light,suitable temperature and humidity,a pollution-free environment.

NSF-GMP compliant production facility 

Strict requests is applicable Production process starts from the marigold oleresin,
saponification by food grade ethanol (safe solvent),twice filtration,
vaccum drying to get the lutein.During the process,we keep in mind that strict requests will ensure the stability and safety of production.
Max E-Sight™ Lutein F (Powder Free)

Regular lutein for food or dietary supplement


Lutein F05 - Lutein F80 (5%-80%)


Mixing Max E-Sight™ Lutein F with excepients like
magnesium stearate,microcrystalline cellulose .etc,for filling into hard capsule.
Max E-Sight™ Lutein O (Oil Suspension )


Lutein O 05 (5% ) 
Lutein O 20 (20%) 


1.Nano-sized lutein 
2.Vegetable oil for the vegan 
3.Vitamin E is added as antioxidants for not being oxidized 


Lutein Softgel
Max E-Sight™ Lutein T (Beadlet for Tablet)

Stabilized lutein in beadlet for producing tablet and hard capsule


1.Improving resistance to pressure as tableting
2.Promote stability & anti-dioxidation
3.Speeding up the dissolution in intestine
4.Avoiding dyeing when tableting
5.Improve the bioavailablity


Lutein T10 (10%)


Mixing Max E-Sight™ Lutein T with excepients like magnesium stearate,microcrystalline cellulose ..etc,for tableting or filling into hard capsule.
Max E-Sight™ Lutein W (Microcapsules for Cold  Water Dispersion )

Stabilized lutein for solid drink,beverage,infant milk powder


1.Nano size lutein in particle is water dispersion.

2.Promote stability & anti-dioxidation



Lutein W05 (5%)


For solid drink,beverage,infant milk powder