Help clients be successful

Help clients be successful


Strict quanlity control and clients' acknowledgement

Help client be successful

Making the acquaintance of JR Pharm as health supplement factory in USA at exhibition.The strict requirement on quality ,professional product acknowledgement and mutual acceptance of reasonable price of both parties gets us have a good start.We delivered this client free samples of lutein powder with 3 different batches to test.Because our lutein has passed test (by SGS and other authorized third-parties) on Benzopyrene,Microbiological,Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons,low Solvent/ Pesticide Residue,we have faith in our products and the final test result from client is qualified.


Above allows us to get the order,the pre-shipment sample of lutein powder (same batch as cargos) would be tested and we won’t ship until client confirms the actual COA,the following professional loading report at port and detailed shipment schedule.All of them makes PL pharm have a deep impression and complement on our professional services.


After several smooth cooperation ,we volunteer to offer and stock goods at our USA company (TNN USA Inc at California) before each purchasing.In that way,TNN will do the clearance,duty and inland transportation which help client save a lot of time,Especially for clients of production-oriented or clients without import permission. Our local bank account and company allows us to receive payment by cheque from PL Pharm so that they don’t have to make complex procedures of transaction and paper works before each order,also ensure their payment safe .This pattern between TNN and PL Pharm has lasted 3-years.


In 2019,we are informed by PL pharm that thier sales volume of hard capsule in market is rising. Thus,we always get thumb-ups from them on what’app and Skype,they also show big interests in our other marigold flower extract like lutein,luetin ester ,zeaxanthin in powder,oil to develop new products.It is really a great honor for us to make a little contribution to client’s success.We also deeply appreciate their continuous support and long-term trust.


How to help client be successful would be TNN’s priority.